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kent lundgren

Cheri reviewed various LTC products with my wife and me, including one my company offered. After taking time to educate us, Cheri recommended that we take my company's product. No benefit to Cheri, who took the time to educate us. Clearly, Cheri is honest and trustworthy, and very likely excellent at her job. We very highly recommend her.

H attorney/businessman

Cheri is supremely knowledgeable about long term care providers and products. She really cared about my needs and interests in searching for the right long term care policy. She is highly professional and effective, mixing great advice about coverage/cost quantitative analyses with thoughtful, caring and patient hand holding through the application process. I highly recommend Cheri for your long term care insurance.

Kevin F

We met with Cheri who helped us immensely, answering all our questions on Long-Term Care insurance in Washington state. She explained everything so we understood it well, she was highly professional, and a pleasure to speak with! Cheri made a complicated, stressful process simple, and if you are looking for an agent - go with Cheri!

Jessica Peters

I stumbled upon Long Term Health Care Insurance thanks to some upcoming changes in the state of Washington. Cheri was assigned to me and I'm very thankful that she will be my agent moving forward. She's kind and very smart - she's knows her stuff. She made sure we understood everything before we signed. I look forward to having her as my agent.

Claire Crawford

Cheri is a joy to work with. She is very informative but not "hard sell"! We need to think of our future and this is an affordable solution to future needs. She knows her stuff and it is a great plan!

Marta Boris

I usually don't write testimonials, but I would like to say that Cheri was wonderful and knows what she is doing. First of all, she was able to find me affordable life insurance. I had been shopping for months and couldn´t find anything within my budget. She spent the time and resources to find what I needed. I know she was truthful when we were discussing long term care, the original reason for my call. I told her I already had a long term care policy, but wanted to compare with other companies. After listening to what I had, she advised me to keep my policy, and she didn't take the chance to try and sell me something different. Then, we looked at life insurance and we found something really great thanks to her. I really recommend you giving her a try and calling her.

Mary Bucher

Cheri Davis is wonderful - she provides clear and concise information and is extremely patient with questions. She insists you have a clear understanding before moving forward and is extremely responsive. I highly recommend her product and assistance. Mary Bucher

Barbara Johnson

Cheri Davis signed me and my husband up for long term insurance 9 years ago, and she has been taking care of us with answers to questions and explanations of benefits anytime we have asked ever since. I feel that we got an excellent policy, and her service to us as her clients has been exemplary.

Claire Crawford

Cheri was wonderful! We found coverage that was affordable. She was not pushy and found coverage that could apply to assisted living, dementia care, home care, building a ramp in the home to help with wheelchair access. She took care of everything including the possibility of nursing home care which we were trying to avoid. I'm glad we addressed the situation sooner rather than later. Cheri will help you with your Senior Health decisions! 

Judy Elkayam

I found Cheri through my pension plan, IMRF, when my husband and I were looking for long term care insurance. Because that experience was so positive, I used her to obtain a new life insurance policy. Why? I have found her to be helpful, knowledgeable, patient, straightforward, responsive to our individual needs and limitations, and accessible. An additional critical factor emerged when she was pursuing a life insurance policy for me. Because this is not her primary area of expertise, as is long term care insurance, she voluntarily and eagerly sought out her own professional resources to ensure she was doing everything correctly and in my best interest. I highly recommend Cheri for long term care insurance and life insurance. Judy Elkayam

Jill Scarpino

Without any hesitation I can highly recommend working with Cheri for long term care insurance. During the time that my husband and I were reviewing, evaluating and comparing long term care coverage for each of us, Cheri provided patient and thorough guidance. The options for LTC are varied and complex and Cheri demonstrated and explained the different products. Then she helped us narrow down the best options for us and guided us through the features and limitations of each. Cheri patiently answered our questions and explained until we understood what we were getting. Once we made our determination which product was best suited for us, Cheri again, guided us through the application process and kept us informed of each step. Whenever we emailed or called with questions Cheri was prompt in responding with the answers. We never felt we were alone or left hanging to figure things out on our own. Even now that we have been accepted and have paid our first year's premium, Cheri still checks in with us every so often and we feel confident that we can contact her any time with questions that may arise. We have complete confidence that Cheri Davis will provide you with the service and guidance that you are looking for.


I appreciate the patience that Cheri Davis exhibited in answering my many questions. She was very helpful and knowledgeable in our conversations. LTC insurance ensures that my children will not have the financial burden of caring for me when I am much older and need assistance. It also protects my assets from being depleted. I believe it to be a good investment in my future. Thank you, Cheri!

Lauren Gunner

Recently our union had an information session on Long-Term Care Insurance. Cheri Davis contacted me and guided me through the process of securing a policy for Long-Term Care Insurance. Just to make sure I had made the right decision and was getting the biggest bang for my buck, I had my financial advisor look over my policy and compare it with other companies. By far, I got the best deal with the Long Term Care Insurance Policy I took out. Thank you Cheri, for your help and support!

Happy Customer

Thank you, Cheri for all of your help with our long term care insurance selection. You made the process very efficient and hassle free. Your customer service was extraordinary. I will definitely recommend your services to family and friends.

Allison & Bill

Recently we were given a opportunity to sign up for Long Term Care Insurance but didn't know much about it. That's where Cheri came in and she was WONDERFUL! She kept in close contact with us, patiently answering all our questions. We were very comfortable with her and with the coverage we selected. She was a pleasure to work with, and assured us she's there to help if we ever need her. Thank you for everything Cheri!

Mary Lou Miles

Cheri, thank you for your help with this. You went above and beyond my expectations. Like you said, "It's my job" - but I appreciate your doing it so well!

Claire Crawford

Cheri was wonderful to work with. She answered all our questions and explained things so we understood it! We were thrilled when we were approved because my husband and I have seen people who did not plan, and it was not good! We signed up early enough (age 62) and we now have peace of mind. Cheri is a delight to work with. She is not pushy but very detailed. I hope you will call her for your future needs and long term health care plan. You will be glad that you did!


I am very pleased with the services provided by Cheri. Cheri was attentive to my questions, concerns and needs. Cheri was extremely responsive to my phone calls and e-mails. She provided me with various options for long term care coverage. Not high pressured. Served as an advocate to help me complete the application process and navigate the paper work. Happy to recommend Cheri as a skillful, knowledgable professional.


Cheri was a pleasure to work with as I searched for Long Term Care Insurance. She was there every step of the way as we navigated the process TOGETHER. She clearly explained the process (including options) as we went along and cheerfully answered any question(s) I had. I highly recommend Cheri to others who may be interested in Long Term Care Insurance.

Therese Mensching

Cheri is a true professional! She researched the long term care insurance that worked best for our budget and situation. We feel grateful that Cheri is on our side. Thank you.

R. Wasserman Cranston, RI

If it were not for Cheri, I would not have been able to get long-term care insurance. When I was about to give up, Cheri was there to keep me going. She went above and beyond, and stuck with me. Her knowledge, patience and professionalism can't be beat. I feel so fortunate that she came into my life.

Bonnie & Dusty

We worked with Cheri to get our Long Term Care Insurance policy. She was very professional and knowledgeable. She explained the policies in terms we could understand and gave recommendations for the type of policy that would fit our needs. She was very courteous and helpful in completing the application and stayed in contact during the process of approval. Her guidance during this time was very appreciated. We would recommend Cheri for future insurance needs. Thank you!

Jeff & Valerie

We were very pleased with the service we received from Cheri. Cheri is very professional, and knowledgeable. She was able to help us find the right insurance product to suit our needs. We appreciated her help and will recommend her to others.

Susan February 2011

I met Cheri at an informative lecture about Long Term Care Insurance sponsored by USAA. I trusted her company because of the connection with USAA. My appointment with Cheri Davis went extremely well. She was very patient with me, for hours explaining several of the companies policies, answering many questions I asked, and helped me select the one that was best for me. I would recommend her services to anyone interested in Long Term Care Insurance.

J & D

We feel strongly that long-term care insurance should only be purchased from a representative you feel comfortable with, someone you trust. Cheri is this person, without question. Cheri gave us the time we needed to understand our options, and the time to make a decision that we were comfortable with. We are so grateful to Cheri for giving us peace of mind.

R and S

My husband and I had no knowledge of long-term care insurance. Cheri explained everything to us and answered every question we had. She spent hours at our home giving us options and the information we required. We are so pleased with the service and support we received and feel so secure with our decision. As I told my children, thanks to Cheri, this is the best gift we can ever give them. Thank you, Cheri, for making this process so easy. We appreciate your knowledge, expertise and professionalism.

Lynn & Rick Menth

Cheri made the process of exploring and purchasing Long Term Care insurance much easier than anticipated. She was most helpful and spent a great deal of time with us so that we could build & chose a policy that would work for us financially now - and also in the future. Thanks for all your help Cheri!!

Jim & Carol Nowak

We started to shop for Long Term Insurance about 3 years ago and worked with a number of representatives before choosing Cheri. We chose Cheri for her knowledge of the policies and insurance companies, ability to discuss them in terms that we understood, and quite frankly, she was really nice to work with. Cheri also developed a number of options that we could compare and change until a decision on exactly what would work for us on Long Term Insurance could be made. We appreciated Cheri's diligence and responsiveness, we are now appropriately protected based on our finances. Great job Cheri and thank you!!!

Bruce Brigell

Cheri provides professional services in a straight-forward personable manner without an excess of jargon and with a strong sense of personal care. When you deal with her you will understand all your options so you can make an informed decision without a hard sell sales pitch. Highly recommended.

Janie in KS

Cheri was very helpful to my husband and I - we were referred by a good friend who lives in Kansas City, MO. She was very respectful and helpful in every way.  We were very fortunate that I was able to get this coverage having had cancer - Cheri was very knowledgeable and helped us every step of the way. We highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning about all of their best options for Long Term Care.

Julia Zhu

I am so happy that Cheri helped me to explore the benefits of Long Term Care Insurance, and help in selecting the right policy for me with her expertise. Now I am less worried about growing older. Thank you, Cheri!


Cheri Davis is your best resource for long term care insurance. She made everything easy to understand. I am so pleased Cheri was recommended to me. If you are thinking about LTC, this is a person you can trust.

Mark Huggler

I relied heavily on Cheri's knowledge and experience during this process of purchasing the right LTCI policy. Insurance contracts can be so difficult to understand, but Cheri was there to find the right policy for me, and to answer in simple terms any question I had. Cheri is the best!


Cheri, thank you for your direct, simple and well thought out explanation on long term care planning! After living through my parents long term care, it made me aware of how important it is to plan early.


Planning for long term care can be a daunting task. Cheri's knowledge and experience eases the path to make an informed decision possible.


I have always gotten so much great information from Cheri on the important subject of long term care insurance.  She is an expert in her field and keeps up on all of the changes. She is my, "go to" person for getting this aspect of financial planning resolved.

S Davis

My mother has needed care for 5 years now and she took care of my father for 4 years before that. That's when I realized this is something I needed to plan for in advance. Thank you Cheri for being such an indispensable long-term care solution specialist. You have all the tools, knowledge and options to guide your clients in finding just the right solution to a subject that none of us want to talk about but know we need to! You make the decision so much easier. Thanks.

San Antonio, TX

Thanks for all of your time and help. I've been overwhelmed with all the information but you made it so clear; I wish I had found you earlier!
Cheri is supremely knowledgeable about long term care providers and products. She really cared about my needs and interests in searching for the right long term care policy. She is highly professio… Read More

H attorney/businessman

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